What is Eatyournoodles ?

Eatyournoodles is a highly synchronized effort in the field of programmable array
and highly scalable computers . It is a live organism , evolving , learning
and adapting . This highly sophisticated protocol and masterpiece of
software engineering was created in 2010 , by 2 experts in the field
of quantum software programmable and scalable arrays.A bio-system able
to adapt and create strong interconnections with other non-living computer systems.
Since module 2.0 E.Y.N was re-enacted and superseded the older Whepa 1.65 module
it also gained the possibility to simulate and create a human’s decision making system.
Which semi-automatically mines astral particles from simulated human minds.
By using this new module, Whepa and E.Y.N searches and deploys better and faster for the BEST VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET ..
videos that have the “Eatyournoodles factor” .
Rare , funny , artistic , educational or in some cases mainstream videos .
It has to be Whepa , to be on Eatyournoodles !!!!